30 April 2014

April 2014

Another month over means another monthly round up, so what did April bring? Of course my trip to the log cabin was the highlight of the month which consisted of trips to Seahouses and Beamish. It was lovely being in such a nice care free environment with Lee and our two best friends, not having to think about uni or work and just enjoying each others company in the mostly glorious weather. Three weeks off uni were obviously very happily welcomed this month and I've loved not having to make the hour and a half journey each way and of course having more time to spend with my friends and family. Although I have been swamped with assignments and revision with exams lurking, lounging on my bed in my pyjamas with the kitchen close by doing my work makes it a little more bearable.  

However, three weeks away from uni means three weeks away from the gym and three weeks with our favourite takeaway and a kitchen filled with yummy treats and Easter chocolates nearby therefore the whole fitness/healthy eating thing has taken a knock. I feel awfully sluggish and in need of a bit of a detox so I'm on a mission to try new foods and find new tasty but healthy recipes, any suggestions are welcome. I've also bought the 30 day shred to battle through since I won't be near my gym during study leave/summer. The aim was never to loose weight, although it was obviously going to happen, but seeing myself loose about 10lb in total was quite a good feeling and now sadly the majority of it has definitely crept back on, damn you Easter. It's only 64 days until I go on holiday so I best get cracking!

On the beauty front, I had a hair revolution and I went for the chop. Super long hair and dip dye now gone and I love it, it looks so much healthier and is proving way easier to manage. I also tried ILAH brows at my local salon as my brows were in a very sorry state. I definitely don't think it was worth £25 but I was pleased with the result. I don't think the tint did much for me at all as only the hairs are tinted and mine are pretty much black any way but I had forgotten how much of a difference good, tidy brows make to the overall look of the face and I'm determined to keep on top of them, however, I do feel as if I could've got the same result with a £5 wax.

Also in April I... had food and drinks at the local with Lee and friends and ended the month with a lovely meal consisting of that garlic bread (March round up) with the same lovely people. I watched Forest Gump for the first time, had a good ol' night out, had a catch up with one of my girls nearer the start of the month involving pizza, kebab, chocolate cheesecake and lots of chatting then another catch up with the rest of the girls later on in the month involving Chinese food and lots more chatting. One of my best friends has just started working with me which is nice, so on bank holiday an after work hot chocolate and scone was necessary followed by pizza, MIC and a sleepover. Like I said, I've been able to see my grandma a bit more this month, our routine used to consist of going for dinner every other Sunday but since I now work Sundays I don't get to see her much any more but we had two nice dinner dates in April. I also spent a good, successful day shopping in town with my mam and a haul will be coming your way very soon.

The month of May will see the start and finish of exams, oh the joys.
How did April treat you, did you do anything nice?
Rachael x


  1. I love your comment on eyebrows! It's silly how something as little as your eyebrows can make such a drastic difference! I definitely need to get mine cleaned up haha :P
    Great blog! Love your posts so much
    Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday, Rachael !xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    1. Ah thanks! I agree, I had let mine grow way past the point that I usually do so they were in need of some TLC, I forgot how much of a difference they do make. Yet they're just eyebrows haha. Thank you so much Kelly! xx

  2. I'm in love with your layout!
    Also the 30 shred is incredible - you'll be amazed :)

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thank you, I love it too, it was done by Abby from http://www.un-observed.com/ and I'm super happy with it! Ooh that's good to hear, I'm excited to start it :)


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