11 May 2014

Ebay Tips & Tricks

eBay is  a great option nowadays for making a bit of extra cash and getting rid of whatever it may be, you know how it goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. I've been using eBay pretty constantly over the past few years, it was perfect for when I wasn't working as along with eBay I would participate in on line surveys to gain some pocket money. I'm definitely not saying I'm the best seller, it still often takes a while for things to sell but I have learnt some tips and tricks along the way which I'm going to share with you. 

First things first, ensure you have a PayPal account as it's the first port of call for buyers to pay you through and make sure to offer this as your payment method. If you're wondering what on earth to sell, my answer = everything you no longer want. Don't put off listing an item because you think it won't sell, you'd be surprised! As long as your items are in good, clean, usable condition (or you state any faults) you may as well give it a go, some of the things I have sold include: jewellery, clothing, unused notebooks, key rings, revision guides, childhood toys (I said goodbye to my Baby Born doll and her accessories; high chair, sledge and all) and my collection of retro Playstation one and Gameboy games sold pretty well. 

Use very clear titles which give away as much product information as possible, e.g. brand, size, colour, condition, material etc as this will increase the chance of your item appearing in searches. Also, photos make a huge difference and eBay now offers you the chance to add up to 12 photos for free. Make sure you're products are clean/freshly ironed and use natural light to your advantage to show the true colour of the product. Capture every angle (front, back, sides, bottom etc) and every detail including any defects, the size/brand label, any detail such as embellishment and a close up of the pattern or material. Finally, in your written item description, be as specific as possible so the buyer knows exactly what they're getting. Say what's included, why you're selling, restate the size (make sure to include if it's petite, maternity or plus size), colour, condition and brand, include the exact materials from the label and say how long it will take you to post the item. For some items, specific measurements may be useful, e.g. for a belt or necklace.

I think this is a personal choice as some will agree with one option over the other. A lot of listings on eBay have a starting price of 99p and even eBay recommends this, however, I will only do this if the item is actually worth 99p. Although an item with a starting price of 99p may attract more buyers and gain more bids, what if it doesn't? I couldn't justify selling an item for only 99p when I believe it's worth more, and remember, you're going to get a percentage of your sale taken away from you by PayPal and eBay so you want to make a profit. That being said, be realistic. Most of the time, buyers are buying second hand items so will expect a pretty low price, go as low as you feel comfortable with. eBay now offers 20 free listings per month at any starting price, when these have been used up you will be charged for listing an item therefore I don't usually list outside of free listings.

In my opinion, shipping cost is all about trial and error. Don't worry if you charge too much or too little at first, you will become more familiar with the costs. 
In the meantime, keep some scales nearby and use this postage calculator to give you a good idea of what to charge. Don't get me wrong, I do still over or under charge occasionally but we can't be perfect. I post everything through the Post Office and have never had a problem, although do be aware of them sneakily upping the prices! I have always opted for second class to lower the price, you can always ask for a little extra money from the buyer if they would prefer it posted first class and don't forget to ask for proof of postage in case your parcel goes walkabouts. Keep packaging as slimline and light as possible whilst still protecting your item to lower the cost and be realistic when stating the amount of time it will take you to dispatch the item, if there's a problem, inform the buyer immediately.

So this turned into a rather long post didn't it, if you've gotten all the way through then thank you and congrats. I think I'll continue this onto part II as there's a little more I'd like to say so please let me know if you'd like me to talk about anything specific in the next instalment. P.S. you can view my eBay here
Rachael x


  1. So, so helpful, thank you! Ebay is a brilliant way to sell off some unwanted products and make a bit of cash. I agree with the starting price but- I couldn't jusify selling something for 99p and not making a profit! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I'm so pleased you found this helpful Charlotte, you're very welcome! I totally agree, fair enough some things starting at 99p will go on to get a lot of bids but selling something for 99p just seems pointless when you're going to loose money from Paypal and eBay too! xx

  2. Great tips! Ebay can be so good for selling things but I defs agree with the 99p thing. I just sold a pari of Topshop trousers for £1.04 gutted!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm pleased you agree, aah no way that's rubbish, you definitely have to be comfortable with your starting price to avoid being disappointed! x

  3. This is great! I'm rubbish at ebay! x

    1. Thanks Amber! Don't worry, I was at first, once you get the hang of it you start learning the best ways to do things x

  4. Thank you, this is so useful - I have so much stuff I want to sell on ebay but find it really confusing!
    Gorgeous blog xxx
    The perks of being a hipster

    1. I'm so pleased you found this useful, yeah it can be totally confusing at first until you get the hang of it, it's definitely all down to learning as you go! Aah thank you! xxx


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