29 July 2014

Tenerife Part Two: A Trip To The Zoo

As mentioned in my previous post, a trip to the zoo was on the cards for our first day trip of our recent holiday to Tenerife, we visited Loro Parque and although it was at the other end of the island, it was worth the long drive. We drove through some crazy low cloud on the way as we were so high in the mountains, which did enable us to see some lovely views when the cloud lifted. It was definitely one of our favourite days consisting of being awed by the intelligence of the animals whilst watching the dolphin show, the sea lion show, the parrot show and the orca show, with four beautiful orcas splashing the audience and jumping out of their water. We ate doughnuts, I indulged in a chocolate waffle and we wondered around gazing at all of the cuteness in front of us, I SO wanted to bring that little marmoset home. The jelly fish were really cool too, all such different shapes lit up in various colours floating around to some quite fitting music. 

So now we're home and wishing we were back there, have you visited any where nice recently? 
Rachael x

20 July 2014

Tenerife Part One

So, we've been home for over a week now, still wishing we were abroad and already talking about another holiday, I thought it was about time to document our holiday to Tenerife. It started as any holiday of mine should, a Burger King at the airport followed by a Duty Free browse leading me to pick up Benefit Gimme Brow for just over £14, something many bloggers had made me want. I didn't realise it was so small! I really do wish Newcastle airport housed a MAC counter. Once in Tenerife, Los Christianos to be precise, it was late so we made our way out to eat, both opting for a lovely four cheese calzone and ended the night with one drink in the hotel bar before crashing. Why is it that travelling makes you so sleepy? 
Unfortunately we weren't greeted with the weather we had been craving, instead, the whole week was overcast with sunny spells on just a few afternoons which was a little disappointing but there was still that Canarian warmth in the air. Since it wasn't exactly sun bathing weather, on the second day we explored the area and ate at the hotel before going on a SUPER long walk, finding some amazing sand castles along the way and seeing the wonderful Hard Rock cafe in all it's glory. This sadly resulted in my poor feet being in agony and covered in blisters, Lee thankfully saved the day with a piggy back. We found a rather nice beach bar and I slurped on a wonderful sex on the beach cocktail, my fave,whilst we watched a gorgeous sunset. We then discovered a local bar and decided to stay there for the night, drinking a tad too much I think. 
A very late night meant a very late morning, meaning missing breakfast and strolling back down to the local for some good English food to sort us out, Sunday dinner was the perfect option and Lee devoured a huge English breakfast. The rest of the day was pretty chilled. Our first excursion took place the day after, a trip to the zoo. That day ended with some good food; the steak, lasagne and cheesecake. The following day consisted of go karting; it was fun but I was terrified and hardly touched the accelerator the whole time as, of course, Lee opted for the fastest ones. That night, on the balcony, we ended up playing good old hang man for a good while before heading out. 
My favourite excursion was a catamaran boat trip where we experienced dolphins and whales in their natural environment, the ocean. It was incredible to see them so peaceful and it was magical when they jumped out of the water without the commands of any human trainers like we're used to seeing. Unlimited drinks and a buffet was included which was fab, although that pesky jelly fish pictured above did decide to sting a few of the fellow tourists whilst swimming in the sea. We took a short visit to the water park, Siam Park, (another late morning after another 'the night before') but could already tell from what we saw that it's a great water park and I would've loved to have gone back to ride on the slide with the flashing lights, if only we had more days. A meal at an Indian restaurant ended the holiday and we flew back the next day after a walk and indulging in our last holiday lunch; a toastie and an amazing chocolate covered crepe. 

Rachael x

16 July 2014

Pre Holiday Shopping

So, prior to my holiday to Tenerife a shopping trip took place and these are the wonderful goodies I returned with. I love how this kimono doesn't drown me like a lot of the others seem too, it was a bargain from good old Primarni (£13) and adds such a girly, summery touch to a simple outfit. The two playsuits (here and here) were buys from one of ASOS's heavenly sales and were perfect for those night time holiday strolls. The white tee was just a Mango sale purchase, there's something about their tees which attract me and I aint sure what it is. I thought the blue oversized top from H&M would be great to throw on over a bikini on the beach or by the pool and I kept it more holiday appropriate with the blue. Finally, the trousers which I can't find on line, aren't coming up too brilliantly here, I'd love for you to be able to see the purple in there but any way they're from H&M and were so comfortable for travelling in! 

My bag has already had an introduction in my previous post but it deserves another, it was another Mango sale buy and something just attracted me to it, I think it may have been how the little logo reminds me of a certain Mr Michael Kors, one day... The satchel and necklace (out of stock - similar) are from ASOS, the satchel is acting as a replacement for my much loved Primark one which has sadly had it's day and I thought the necklace was exactly what I needed, something nice and understated, it has been worn plenty times already. I loved the colours on the sandals (£6 at Primark) and after seeing them on Em, I was determined to find them, they are lovely but either I should've sized down or they're very poorly fitted, think walking up the hills of Tenerife and your feet almost slipping out the back of the shoes. 

One thing I struggle most with each year is finding a hat to protect my scalp from the sun as it seems to attract the sun like no tomorrow, burning every time. They're all either too big, too small, too wide, too tall. After many hat try ons I came across this one in Peacocks on my last attempt. Of course, a holiday isn't complete without a little bit of holiday reading,  I went for Paper Towns by the genius author of TFIOS and after wanting to read more psychology related books I decided on The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson and Nathan Filer's The Shock of the Fall. Unfortunately all three of these books remain unread as we actually didn't do much sun bathing! 

Have you found any gems in stores recently? 
Rachael x

3 July 2014

The Flight Bag

Now, we may only be embarking on a 4-5 hour flight tomorrow afternoon (to Tenerife, I can't wait!) so even though it's not a long haul, I'm a stress head when it comes to packing so still need all of my essentials on hand. Because our flight times are a little awkward, resulting in us not getting an evening meal until late, if at all, and because all I'm concerned about is when I'm going to next eat I have to have snacks ready and waiting. I'm trying to keep it healthy with this weeks Graze box offerings which I was very pleased with; chocolate pudding, cookies and cream, apple and cinnamon flapjack and sweet chilli with soy bites, they all sound delish! I have some dried fruit too and the compulsory sucky sweets, I'm not going to lie and say that some chocolate won't sneak it's way in to my bag at the airport. I'm planning on adding more magazines with the likes of Company etc but for now, Now magazine was on offer in Asda. I'm so looking forward to having some time to read my book and I have a notebook and pen handy for when hangman/noughts and crosses/list making is the only option. 

My Victoria's Secret make up bag comes everywhere with me and acts as my mini survival kit, it houses some cute tissues, Hand Food hand cream, Vaseline rosy lips, a mini brush, Primark hand sanitiser, plasters, paracetamol, a compact mirror, a bobble, some bobby pins and a nail file. In terms of other necessities I will be taking a mini deodorant, inhalers, eye drops, headphones, my phone and my purse which I've decided to swap for an older, smaller one to save space. Finally, my camera will be added to my bag, which is a new buy from the Mango sale in House of Fraser if you're wondering! 

Now bring on duty free, what are your in flight essentials?
Rachael x
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