17 September 2014

August 2014

Wow, it's been a while. August seems like forever ago now, nonetheless here I am documenting my month. The main events of this month involved two lovely days in York with a friend which you can read about here and a trip to Flamingo Land with Lee which was SO fun, we witnessed gorgeous tiger cubs fighting over their food and rode some great rides, I've even managed to find a ride which actually scares Lee. Also, we've spent the month becoming completely addicted to Prison Break and eating way too much bad, but amazing, food; McDonalds, pizza, Chinese, kebab wraps, fish and chips and pub meals. Since returning from Tenerife I just cannot get myself back in the swing of eating well and exercising and it's starting to show, working in a cafe with all of it's tempting foodie delights definitely doesn't help either. In other news, I had a lovely girly night in and a rare night out in my home town and I finally got my tragus pierced, I've wanted it done for a while and I'm SO pleased I went for it, it really didn't hurt.

As for bank holiday, mine went something like this; waking up in the afternoon after drinks to a local band the night before, (side story; we returned home with two friends, absolutely starving, no where was open and we were too intoxicated to drive. The solution? We booked a taxi to McDonalds and back, expensive but so worth it). Monday involved sitting outside in the bank holiday busyness people watching by the sea with a chippy before venturing in to the sweet shop for some fudge and then relaxing all night long.

I suppose it's about time I reflect on those summer goals I made way back at the end of May. Give blood - unfortunately I found out I am unable to give blood until after my 21st due to a combination of my weight and height which was slightly disappointing but at least I can fulfil that goal at some point in the future. Run the Race For Life in decent time - Hmm, my time of 45 minutes was quite a bit longer than my goal of 30 mins but it really was super hard to run when the terrain was so muddy and slippy and there was so many people around, I could've definitely trained harder too. Update iTunes - Done, twice! Read books - Nope, I did try. I just can't seem to get in to books at the minute which is sad considering how much I used to love reading. Learn to cook healthy meals - Another nope, unfortunately fast food and junk have been very prominent in my life this Summer, I have enjoyed it but I do not feel good for it. Update/organise/clean bedroom - I feel like this one will always be a work in progress but I did have a few good sort outs and a proper deep clean of my wardrobe and all of my drawers. Also, I finally bought some new pretty storage boxes, curtains and a curtain pole which have made such a difference to my room so yes, I think this was a success. eBay lots - Yep! You can find my eBay here. Find a new car - Sadly not yet, it's all too confusing for my little brain, why can't finance and insurance etc be nice and simple! Have some ME time - Yeah, I guess so.

Overall I've had a good Summer and that was the main aim, as for September I'll be heading back to uni. I'm currently a bag of mixed feelings about it all, I'm looking forward to getting back in to a routine but since I'm moving universities I'm dreading the whole not knowing any one and not knowing my way around as this campus is huge compared to my last! I hope you've all had a great summer.

Rachael x
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