30 November 2014

November 2014

♦ FIREWORKS - I love bonfire night, organised displays that is, and this year I got to see not one but two. One near home which was fab,       with music accompanying the fireworks and another smaller one took place at my friend's uni halls which was nice too. 
♦ Visiting friends living at uni - First was a night consisting of pizza express and hot chocolates whilst watching movies...
♦ ...and second, in a different city; fireworks and a night out.
 Reading week; a week off, with no reading. 
♦ Prison Break getting intense.
♦  Bowling fun with work. 
♦ An evening of good food with our two best friends at our usual country pub restaurant.
Costa brownie hot chocolate.
Cinema night; went to see Interstellar, not the easiest to follow but it was a very good, well produced movie.
Seeing the cute little reindeers come in to work for the day.
A fab local night out with work.
Newcastle Christmas markets, Fenwicks window and Christmas lights switch on. The atmosphere was SO Christmassy and I got to indulge in some churros with chocolate and cinnamon, mmm.
Watched my first Christmas movie of the season; The Holiday, my fave.
Meeting Lee's family's new little puppy, Holly, a Labrador x American Akita . I am completely in love, she's SO adorable.

If you'd like to see what else I get up to you can follow me on Instagram. I've had a quite a nice month and am fully enjoying all of the festivities, I hope you've had a nice November and here's to the last month of 2014, madness!

Rachael x 

3 November 2014

October 2014

♦ Getting back to the gym, finally.
♦ Getting more involved with the charity I volunteer as a peer mentor for. 
♦ Dog sitting Lee's dad's cute little staffy, Tia, even if I am allergic.
♦ Lee's bacon sandwhiches, yummm.
♦ Carrot and coriander soup, new fave.
♦ The night out we had for one of my best friend's birthdays, a great night.
♦ A cinema trip with to see Love, Rosie. It was cliché but I loved it. 
♦ Nabbing a seat next to the open fire in our favourite country pub restaurant. 
♦ Cupcake baking on Halloween, even if they didn't turn out too great, that's what a lack of scales does. 
♦ A night of ice skating with a bunch of great people from work. 
♦ Saying goodbye to the dip dye for Winter. 
    I suppose we can call this the 'Highlight's since the last weekly highlight's' post. I feel like I've been a bit non stop recently with uni throwing assignments at us and with my severe lack of motivation it hasn't been easy getting back in to the swing of it, all whilst trying to get a routine going. Another moan of the month, all of the pumpkins were sold out! I've never carved a pumpkin before so I was sure this year was the year but nope, apparently it's been a bad season for them, maybe next year. However, on reflection, it has certainly been a nice month spent with lovely people. How was your October?

    Rachael x
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