30 November 2014

November 2014

♦ FIREWORKS - I love bonfire night, organised displays that is, and this year I got to see not one but two. One near home which was fab,       with music accompanying the fireworks and another smaller one took place at my friend's uni halls which was nice too. 
♦ Visiting friends living at uni - First was a night consisting of pizza express and hot chocolates whilst watching movies...
♦ ...and second, in a different city; fireworks and a night out.
 Reading week; a week off, with no reading. 
♦ Prison Break getting intense.
♦  Bowling fun with work. 
♦ An evening of good food with our two best friends at our usual country pub restaurant.
Costa brownie hot chocolate.
Cinema night; went to see Interstellar, not the easiest to follow but it was a very good, well produced movie.
Seeing the cute little reindeers come in to work for the day.
A fab local night out with work.
Newcastle Christmas markets, Fenwicks window and Christmas lights switch on. The atmosphere was SO Christmassy and I got to indulge in some churros with chocolate and cinnamon, mmm.
Watched my first Christmas movie of the season; The Holiday, my fave.
Meeting Lee's family's new little puppy, Holly, a Labrador x American Akita . I am completely in love, she's SO adorable.

If you'd like to see what else I get up to you can follow me on Instagram. I've had a quite a nice month and am fully enjoying all of the festivities, I hope you've had a nice November and here's to the last month of 2014, madness!

Rachael x 


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    1. It was pretty good thanks, I hope you had a great November!

  2. It sounds like you had a fab month Rachael! That pizza looks divine! x


  3. November seemed fun for you and that Pizza has made me extremely hungry!

    Great blog lovely. x

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    1. Thank you Katie :) Haha I totally want pizza now too x

  4. sounds like you had a good month and that pizza looks amazing!

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