17 October 2014

My A/W Lip Shade - MAC Plumful

When it comes to autumn/winter, plum and berry lip shades are what it's all about. I've owned MAC Plumful for a while now and it always makes it's way to the front of my stash at this time of year, a movement which I very much look forward too. As a lustre finish, it's so comfortable to wear on the lips and not at all drying or heavy, giving a lovely sheen. However, this does mean the wear time isn't too great but it's nothing to complain about, and it does leave a slight non patchy stain of colour behind. Now, with every photo this shade tends to look different, sometimes more of a plummy pink, sometimes more mauve or rosy so I guess it's going to be one of those which is a slightly different shade on each individual, on me it's translates on to the lips as a deep pink with some plummy tones. Although it is more sheer compared to the more pigmented offerings from MAC, I think it deposits the perfect amount of colour for everyday wear but I have been known to sport this shade on more than one night out too. I do feel as though I may need Rebel in my life now to act as my more bold, night-time alternative to Plumful. P.S. please ignore the huge difference in photos, the latter has come from my phone, taken on a different day, as it's the most true to colour photo I've managed (I know, it's annoying me too).

Have you tried this lipstick? 
Rachael x

12 October 2014

This Week's Highlights

♦ Treating myself to a hot chocolate and rocky road whilst waiting for the bus after a long day at uni and having a nice feeling of contentment whilst drinking said hot chocolate on the bus, with my headphones in. 
♦ Having a super hyper half hour before bed one night, I can be really weird. 
♦ Calling in at our usual takeaway for a chicken kebab wrap whilst on a evening drive...
♦ ...and calling in once again on a different day before a night of dog sitting and X factor.
 Wearing my new super cosy Primark winter PJ's.
 Spending money on nice things.
 Possible holiday plans for next year. 
 The decision to finally ditch the dip dye and grow my hair long again, short hair, you've been nice while you've lasted.
 The amazing 3 course meal we had at one of our favourite country pubs, peanut butter cheesecake is my weakness. 
    So I have decided to substitute my lengthy monthly round ups for smaller, more concise posts like this one. Although it's good to reflect on the month as a whole, I feel as if I'm just listing events in those posts (had a night at the pub, had a takeaway night etc) and that makes them loose their significance, especially when they happened earlier on in the month. I know weekly round up type posts are here, there and everywhere but I consider this blog to be an online diary to me, and I think this format is going to work better and will probably make me appreciate the smaller moments of happiness. 

    Rachael x

    4 October 2014

    September 2014

    I usually try to stay away from the whole 'OMG how is it October already' but seriously, I can't believe we're in to the last three months of the year, I'm definitely feeling very autumnal now and with Halloween, Bonfire night and CHRISTMAS all around the corner we all have something to look forward too. P.S. sorry if that nacho cheese makes you feel queasy.

    That was a rather happy intro to a post which probably isn't going to be all that happy. Nothing major, I just haven't felt myself throughout September. I want to blame the reason I haven't blogged throughout the month on this whole feeling of having very little motivation, in all honesty I've just felt quite down recently. I hated writing that because 'down' isn't really me, don't get me wrong I'm never the very upbeat crazy woman either but I'm usually pretty content and positive about things. The main event in September was of course the end of summer and going back to uni, however, for me, I wasn't going back to the same uni I had studied at in first year, with the same surroundings and the same people, I was starting elsewhere and this may have been a trigger to my low mood as I was pretty nervous. It took a hell of a lot of self encouragement for me to walk in to that first lecture, I was panicking and was so close to walking away. It's been a bit like being a first year all over again with the added pressure of everyone else knowing each other and being familiar with their surroundings. There is definitely pros and cons to me moving universities, I do feel a lot more comfortable being in my home city, which is strange considering I was only in the neighbouring city for my previous year and still living at home but being there felt like so far away, and the way shorter commute that I have now is so much better. My current campus is SO much bigger than last years though which has been quite overwhelming but I now know the whereabouts of the main venues so no more getting lost, I feel like it's going to be a tricky year but I'm slowly getting back in to routine and I'm sure I'll be settled soon. 

    I can't pinpoint exactly what this mood is right now, and I'm not saying I feel it 24/7, I just don't feel as positive and settled as I have done in the past. I have such an urge to just pack my bags and go somewhere, any where that's nice and relaxing but then part of me wants to get out and DO things. I'm not making any sense am I?

    I also spent a good few weeks of September feeling ill with some horrible, persistent virus that only now finally seems to have pretty much cleared. However, on a more positive note I celebrated my mam's birthday with a pub lunch and have spent some time with friends, more so towards the start of the month with a cinema trip (went to see Sex Tape, funny but strange sums it up), a takeaway night with friends we don't see too often, another pub meal and a final night in before 
    one of my best friends headed back to uni. I made two nights of freshers before falling ill, it was strange but nice to be back in my friends flat with her flatmates. Also this month, me and Lee had an amazing Chinese buffet, it was well over due as we hadn't visited that restaurant, somewhere we used to go often, all year! We had a night at the pub and I had a quiet night out with my work friends. Oh, and this was the month that my cousin jetted off to live in San Diego where he will be marrying his boyfriend in December, it's all very exciting and I'm super happy for him!

    I know you probably think it's silly of me to mention all the little things such as a night at the pub, but I like to be reminded of those things. Also, quick music favourite - James Bay, Amazing! Any way, I hope you had a good September and here's to hopefully feeling more like myself again! 

    Rachael x
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