12 October 2014

This Week's Highlights

♦ Treating myself to a hot chocolate and rocky road whilst waiting for the bus after a long day at uni and having a nice feeling of contentment whilst drinking said hot chocolate on the bus, with my headphones in. 
♦ Having a super hyper half hour before bed one night, I can be really weird. 
♦ Calling in at our usual takeaway for a chicken kebab wrap whilst on a evening drive...
♦ ...and calling in once again on a different day before a night of dog sitting and X factor.
 Wearing my new super cosy Primark winter PJ's.
 Spending money on nice things.
 Possible holiday plans for next year. 
 The decision to finally ditch the dip dye and grow my hair long again, short hair, you've been nice while you've lasted.
 The amazing 3 course meal we had at one of our favourite country pubs, peanut butter cheesecake is my weakness. 
    So I have decided to substitute my lengthy monthly round ups for smaller, more concise posts like this one. Although it's good to reflect on the month as a whole, I feel as if I'm just listing events in those posts (had a night at the pub, had a takeaway night etc) and that makes them loose their significance, especially when they happened earlier on in the month. I know weekly round up type posts are here, there and everywhere but I consider this blog to be an online diary to me, and I think this format is going to work better and will probably make me appreciate the smaller moments of happiness. 

    Rachael x


    1. Peanut butter cheesecake? Oh my gosh!! xx

    2. Hot chocolate, rocky road and peanut butter cheesecake?! *insert Homer Simpson drooling sound here*.


    3. great way to recall the happy moments that made you smile. AWWW i really want rocky road, luckily i'm passing m&s food tomorrow. ;)


      1. Thanks! Ooh treat yourself, Gregg's are the best!

    4. You have no idea how tempted I now am to get a hot chocolate before my lecture today, I think it's going to have to happen! Lovely post too xx

      Jemma | Jemma In Words

      1. I hope you went for it, I can see myself doing it very often this winter! Thanks xx

    5. I love reading other peoples' lists of happy things. It makes me so vicariously happy!

      Treating yourself to a hot drink after class though, I know exactly the joy in that :)

      1. Aw I love reading these posts too, I know what you mean! Yeah, I'll definitely be doing it more often, it was gooood x

    6. I'm sorry, did you say PEANUT BUTTER CHEESECAKE?! *drools*

      That sounds out of this world amazing! <3

      I love drinking hot drinks on the bus, plugged into my music. There's something so self-indulgent about it isn't there? :) xx

      Little Miss Katy | Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

      1. I did indeed, it was amaaazing! There definitely is, such a nice feeling xx


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