29 June 2014

June 2014

As if we're half way through 2014, how did that happen! June's been a good month I suppose, brining the start of my summer. Saying that, I've been working a hell of a lot but I can't complain, at least it keeps me busy. I have felt quite stressed recently though, feeling like I have so much to do when really, I don't. 

I think the stand out event in June was receiving my final results for first year, it turns out I did way better than expected and have made it into the university that I missed out on getting into first time around, it's safe to say that that day was a good day! Obviously there was Lee's totally fun birthday day out which you can read about here and my grandma's birthday was also celebrated, with a family meal at Bella Italia. It was my first time there and we were a little apprehensive as we had wanted somewhere quite fancy for her, but I was very impressed! The decor is lovely and I had the tastiest duck pizza, Lee was the only one that managed three courses plus birthday cake, the beast he is. 

Me and Lee finished Breaking Bad at the start of June and it feels weird to not look forward to the next episode marathon. I do think they dragged it on a little too long but the ending was unexpected, which I liked. I'm all in to trashy reality related stuff so I didn't think me and Breaking Bad were going to get along but I thoroughly enjoyed it, the acting on the most part was great and there were lots of super intense moments throughout. What series do we need to start watching now? (He's already half way through OITNB so that's not an option, I need to catch up!). We also, of course, had to go and see The Fault in our Stars. I loved the book and was so looking forward to watching it come alive on screen, I don't want to put any spoilers out there but it didn't disappoint, the book was captured perfectly, take plenty of tissues! 

Unfortunately, June was the month that I failed the 30 day shred. I got a few days in to level three and it was a killer. In all honesty, by the time I got home from work and ate my evening meal my mam had already claimed the TV for the soaps leaving me no where to do the shred and by that point I think Jillians voice and words of encouragement had just got a little too much. I'm a bit gutted but will definitely go back to it as I do believe the workouts are effective if done properly. I still haven't been eating too badly, although we did indulge in our first BBQ of the year and boy was it good! I'm already looking forward to the next one, that's one of the things I love most about summer, time spent outside next to the BBQ with no laptops, just family, friends and lots of chatting. That night ended with a trip to the pub, our only night at the pub in June surprisingly! I haven't been up to much else, had a nice shopping trip with my mam, a lovely walk around a big lake with Lee and our two friends whilst triathlon training was going on, it was crazy to watch them all in sync with one another in the water and noticing that the resident swans had made their way to the other side to stay out of the way. I stole my close friend for a night whilst she was visiting home for a catch up, me and Lee found a new route on a spontaneous drive and finally, I listed lots more stuff on my eBay after a clear out, there's more to come! 

I'm ending the month tomorrow with a final pre holiday shopping trip as our holiday to Tenerife is fast approaching, 5 days!! That's reason number one why July will be great and number two, it's my birthday month. I hope you've had a wonderful June!

Rachael x


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  2. Cute pictures, you're gorgeous.
    I love your blog's design and header, so pretty.


  3. Definitely need to sort some of my stuff out to put on ebay!!:) x


    1. It's probably one of my favourite things to do now haha, as sad as that sounds! It's always a good feeling making a bit of money from your unwanted goods x

  4. I feel so bad that I still haven't started watching Breaking bad. I will do it soon though haha! Great post!

    Evelin Kivi blog

    1. Haha you totally should, it's soooo good! Thanks!

  5. I think everyone has started their latest post in the same way, haha. I don't think any of us can quite believe how far we are into 2014. It's crazy. I usually order the duck pasta at Bella Italia. It's incredible!

    Thanks for your comment on my latest post. Yay for summer babies! Summer babies are best.

    1. Haha yes I agree, the fact that it's July already is a scary thought! Ooh I think that's what I'll try next, the pizza was divine! You're welcome Bee, yaaay totally! x

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Katie, yesss it totally was!


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