30 March 2014

2014 - Looking Forward

Although creating your new years resolutions may now be a distant memory here I am documenting mine. Following on from my previous post, I stated that I didn't really accomplish much at all from my 2013 resolutions apart from making the most of summer, which I believe I did. I didn't manage to pass my driving test, do a charity event or get a job etc but that's ok I guess. I was going to skip the whole New Years resolutions thing this year following my failure last year but I am a serious list maker therefore thoroughly enjoy coming up with little things I would like to achieve so I thought why not, what's the worst that can happen. I have carried over some of my goals from last year and added a few more little bits and bobs because I couldn't help myself. I may have even gotten started on, or completed some of them.

Be more self motivated. More motivated to succeed at University rather than just settling for average as I normally do, more motivated to get out of bed and do something decent with my day and more motivated to try new things. This means no more procrastination and a lot less laziness, and I am THE queen of laziness.
Pass my driving test, it's an ongoing struggle guys.
Learn to cook, I'm a big fat fail in the kitchen.
Do lots of fun things such as travelling and finding nice things to do nearby.
Do one or more charity events.
Finally find a job or start volunteering, yet another ongoing struggle.
Step out of my comfort zone. 
Add some finishing touches to my bedroom.
Get healthy and toned, predictable I know.
Most importantly, document 2014 with words and lots of photographs. 

What are your goals for this year?
Rachael x

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