2 April 2014

January 2014

We did it, we made it through the first month of 2014. For me January was quite a nice, happy month. The highlights being mine and Lee's three year anniversary, celebrated with a McDonalds and a cosy night in and the fact that we have booked our summer holiday! We're jetting off to Los Christianos in Tenerife in exactly 145 days 21 hours and 47 minutes, it's the first time going abroad together so I'm sure it'll be aaamazing. We also enjoyed a lovely meal at the local Indians, a trip to the cinema to watch the secret life of Walter Mitty which we both really liked and a walk along the beach at night where I spotted 2 shooting stars (and another a few days later!). I have a thing for stars, they're my favourite. We also watched the following movies; Mr Popper's penguins, Not another teen movie, The hurt locker and we attempted to watch The girl with the dragon tattoo and wow, what a sick movie. 

 Who remembers BN's from their childhood!? They were a rediscovery this month when my mam spotted them in Home Bargains for only 49p and I can confirm they still taste as good as I remembered. January also seen me return to the gym, aiming to go three times a week and thoroughly enjoying it. I listed lots of things on eBay, was reunited with my friends at uni for a night out, enjoyed a girly shopping day with a tasty pulled pork burger in Wetherspoons and a  hilarious disaster in New Look when I couldn't get the zip down on some shorts I was trying on, nightmare! On the not so thrilling side, I spent part of the month trying to get motivated for university and writing an essay on hemispheric specialization and left or right brain dominance, the joys.

February is going to be pretty busy I think and I will spend it wishing for warmer weather and continuing to progress towards some of my goals. How was your January? 
Rachael x

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