9 April 2014

March 2014

March has been one slow, quite dull month. I feel as if I have just been plodding along trying to reach all of the horrible deadlines uni have decided to throw at us whilst trying to get used to working all weekend, every weekend, and of course trying to get the hang of everything that goes on in a cafe. I have also been trying to build my confidence driving after passing my test last month and that is going okay still makes me so nervous. After getting involved in volunteering in FebruaryI went along to a big house for a weekend of residential training accompanied by other new volunteers which as well as training on things such as safeguarding and confidentiality, involved an assault course, a zip wire and a high ropes course, something that isn't exactly 'me' but I ended up totally enjoying channelling my inner thrill seeker and once again, stepping out of my comfort zone. We also ate a lot of good food. 

 Other than that, pancakes made by Lee were consumed on pancake day, I had a cute little catch up at my grandmas and a catch up and a good burger at Wetherspoons with a friend. Me and Lee went to see Non Stop which was so, so good and we had a lovely night at a local pub/restaurant which I have mentioned previously eating sooo much good food, just look at that garlic bread! We had another nice meal at our favourite Indian restaurant and a few good nights with a couple of friends at the pub. I also spent some time at my friends flat. Me and Lee only managed one drive to the beach this month where we spotted a strange looking plane and chatted about aliens, typical us. Finally, I have been looking at changing universities for second year to one closer to home which I didn't originally get the grades for, I have received a conditional offer providing I pass this year with a certain percent so wish me luck!

 To be honest, the majority of March has been spent in front of the laptop with Breaking Bad playing on the screen...

Rachael x


  1. Aw good luck with the uni move, I hope you get the results you're after x

  2. Congratulations on passing your driving test! The confidence will come before you know it, I was super nervous at first but now it's second nature!

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you Shannon, aah that's good to hear, I hope so! x

  3. Good luck with uni and with your future driving ha and that food looks delish! x


    1. Thank you! It really was soooo delicious x


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