23 April 2014

The Log Cabin Part II - Seahouses

Following on from my previous post, our first adventure began the next day (Tuesday), a trip to Sea houses, a cute little coastal town which I have always loved visiting. We set off after a beasty breakfast sandwhich concoction was consumed and once there, we took a freezing but nice walk along the beach (note to self; next time you're going away in the UK, pack a coat you idiot), ate some chips and of course no trip to the seaside is complete without wasting your money in the amusements. Leaving empty handed but with smiles on our faces, we strolled back along the harbour and the beach to the car, admiring the fishing boats and noticing how far the tide had come in within a few hours. We took a pit stop at Sainsbury's for some very necessary items; cake, jelly, pancake mix, alcohol and headed back to a meal consisting of my friends amazing home made chilli, pasta, garlic bread, nachos and sour cream, delicious! Once again, after a board game, the card games began and the drinks were flowing.
 If you are in the area, Sea houses is worth a visit, and although we didn't do one this time, the boat trips are a great addition to the day! As for Wednesday, it was a bit of a nightmare, a fun nightmare I suppose. We had intended to visit Hareshaw Linn, a walk with some waterfalls which none of us had visited before but it does look beautiful. However, the good old GPS man failed on us and we ended up 40 minutes from our destination after driving for a good while, time was cracking on and we had lost all trust in Mr GPS so we spent the day on a super long, dangerous (super tight corners, extremely narrow roads and a driver who isn't afraid of nothing), but beautiful country drive across the north Pennines and into County Durham. Some may see this as a waste of a day, but I love long journeys, even more so when you have great company. After a certain point, all the food had been eaten and we were starving therefore a stop at McDonalds was compulsory in order to refuel. However, we were still in need of a nap on our return, yes eighteen year old's need naps. We settled in front of the TV for the night, and  played cards, as per.

Rachael x


  1. I've not been so Seahouses yet so thanks for sharing, I'll definitely add it to my list of places to visit.

    Can't believe the GPS man got you so lost :( That sounds like the kind of thing that would happen to me!

    Chloe x

    1. You're welcome, it gets crazy busy but it's a lovely place, make sure to go on a boat trip! Haha I know what a nightmare, just our luck, stupid Iphone GPS! x

  2. Aw what gorgeous pictures. Looked like a great day <3

    Steph xo | Influence Blog

    1. Thanks so much Steph, it really was! xxx


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