27 April 2014

The Log Cabin Part III - Beamish

Our last outing consisted of a trip to Beamish, a large open air museum  replicating life in the North East during the time of the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s. It takes you right back in time with everything feeling so real with the farm, colliery, old town and more. It's one of those places which throws me right back to my childhood, school trips to Beamish were the best. I wouldn't say we had a full day out because well, we're teenagers, we wake up late and take our time getting ready. Although we didn't get to see everything we had a great little day; we went on a train, admired some old fashioned vehicles, wandered through the town, donned our stylish white helmets and went down a mine and ate the best chips from the old fashioned chippy. One of my favourite parts of Beamish, if you can't tell, is the vast collection of vintage looking signs and posters that appear everywhere you go. That night, we decided to order Indians since it was our last night. Be warned, if you're in a pretty isolated area the delivery driver may get lost and take two and a half hours to deliver your food, and by that time you're likely to already be in the fridge. 

Three posts later and that is my wonderful mid-week break done and documented. Although Felmoor Park is only a short drive from home it felt like worlds away and I desperately want to return to the care-free way of life rather than being faced with endless assignments and revision, boooo! Who else is in the same boat?
Rachael x


  1. ARGH! I really want to go to Beamish, not originally being from the North East I never got to go there on a school trip so I'm a Beamish Virgin! Must pull my finger out and sort a trip!


    1. Aah no way, you missed out! I agree, you must plan a visit, it's such an interesting place! I definitely reccomend the old fashioned chippy too for some super tasty chips x

  2. I love how photo-based your blog is. Quite a few of your pictures obviously use daylight, but your pictures are very clear regardless. Are you using your phone camera to take the pictures or an actual camera? I'm your first GFC follower. Please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me too xx

    1. Thank you so much Louise! Some are taken on my iPhone 5 but the majority are taken on my little Sony digital camera :) Thank you for following too xx


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