7 April 2014

February 2014

February has by far been the craziest month I have experienced in a long time, leaving me absolutely exhausted but it was worth it as this month has been full of achievements. I have  stepped out of my comfort zone and tried not to let my low confidence get in the way, meaning that for the most part of the month I have been a bit of a nervous wreck, but I'm pleased I didn't say no. It all began with a cafe assistant job interview and a volunteering interview, which much to my surprise, both ended up being a success, after years of unsuccessful interviews I was finally getting somewhere! 

 My first day at work was a bit of a nightmare, it was hard enough getting up at 8 am on a Saturday after being used to not rising until midday. I was thrown in there without any training and was extremely panicky and shaky, even to the point I had to be moved areas and to top it all off I managed a cup smash count of two. However, after the initial first day nerves were over it hasn't been too bad at all. As for the volunteering, it's for the charity Children North East being a peer mentor. This is something I'm super excited about as it will be my first bit of experience in an area of work that i'm considering for the future. The chairty really values it's volunteers and i'm excited to be a part of it. I have also seen my uni assignment marks rise this month and I finally passed my driving test!! It's something I have totally struggled with and a few breakdowns have been had alongside my instructor, it still totally scares me but now I have a license it's  time to build my confidence in that drivers seat of my little car.

Valentines day was nice and minimal. We woke up together and Lee decided that he wanted to make me breakfast but then scoured the kitchen and stated
 that I had nothing appealing. Instead, he took a trip to McDonalds, returning with the amount of food suitable for way more than two. Two big tasty large meals and a 20 chicken nugget sharebox were almost completely demolished. I then, quite nervously, let him do my makeup and choose my outfit for uni and he actually surprised me by doing a decent job! Minimum touch ups were needed, I have a future MUA in my hands I think. That night, we took a trip to the cinema, ice blast in hand,  to see Endless love, which was super romantic - just my type of movie. We returned home and decided we were hungry so chucked some chicken and roasties in the oven at 12:30am.

 Aside from all the craziness of interviews, volunteer training, form filling, work, assignments and my driving test I have had a little bit of time to relax. Me, Lee and friends visited the cosiest little pub/restaurant where I devoured the best chicken pie, ever. We then moved on to the local for a few drinks which was nice as, although it used to be a regular occurrence, it had been a while. I had a catch up with my friends at uni and a cinema date with one of my best friends to see That Awkward Moment and it was alright, funny but predictable. Other movies I have watched with Lee this month are; Step up 3, Pitch perfect, Step brothers and we also finally got Netflix, it's safe to say the Breaking Bad addiction has begun. We also had a good night at a house party, had a nice family steak night and as always, went on a few nice drives to the beach, it doesn't get much better than lying in the car together next to the sea, under the stars chatting about life.

Rachael x

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